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Library of JSC "Astana Medical University" - as old as the university, founded in 1964, is currently one of the leading departments of the University, as well as a large library of the Republic of Kazakhstan in terms of the Medical Literature.

The main book collection of 730,420 copies of them in the official language 104,919 copies. Contracts for the use of funds of the library:

1.  Akmola branch of the Republican National Technical Library;

2.  JSC "National Research Center of emergency medical care";

3.  GU "Kazakh National University of Arts."

Electronic library of 3965 full-text books, of which 160 in the national language e-book, 115 in English.

The annual subscription is more than 200 items on the profile of the university, it is the large Kazakh, Russian medical journals in all disciplines studied. Acquired DB "Medart", the results for 2010, an array of analytical descriptions of over 250,000 bibliographic records, 50 000 abstracts of articles (painted 300 journals in medicine in 2000.) ОткрытаУниверсальнаясправочно and information polnotekstovayabazadannyh "Meditsinai health in Russia."

The library is a member of the association "Libraries Information Consortium of Kazakhstan", which allows users to have access to electronic libraries and databases, online catalogs, electronic journals, encyclopedias, dictionaries. It is possible to use the electronic media, textbooks, books, periodicals and more.

In 2012, organized access to the following electronic databases: OVIDSP, Emerald, Webofknowledge, Springerlink, student adviser, consultant physician.

In the library you will find: electronic online courses in the following specialties:

1.  Anatomy;

  1. 1. Surgical anatomy;
  2. 2. Rheumatic diseases;
  3. 3. Anatomy of the human teeth;
  4. 4. Radiographic Atlas of Maxillo - facial region;
  5. 5. Atlas of Pathological Histology;
  6. 6. Tsistoskopichesky atlas;
  7. 7. Anatomy of a living person;
  8. 8. Rheumatic diseases.

These online courses makes it possible to use them in lectures and seminars in which there is not only the material classes, and reflective material for self-knowledge obtained by students in the form of self-test questions and simulations.
Also in the library with electronic video courses with tests and video materials:

  1. 1. Standards of diagnosis and treatment of diabetes of the second type;
  2. 2. Epidural and spinal anesthesia;
  3. 3. Nerve disease for general practitioners;
  4. 4. Ischemic stroke;
  5. 5. Laparoscopy genital prolapse;
  6. 6. Delta Base Histology Atlas.

Since 2007, implemented, automated library and information system libraries IRBIS64. Up and running your own online catalog, which allows you to search the literature by author, title, keyword, etc.

In the library of JSC "MUA" - 50 computers, 30 of them with the provision of Internet services, 20 are connected to the local network library program IRBIS64, duplicating and copying equipment in the library - 7 units. The library has a stock of rare books, which date from the XVII-XIXvekami.

Library JSC "MUA" participates in international exhibitions "Education and Science" Astana conference "Libraries and Information Resources in the modern world of science, culture, education and business" Sudak (Ukraine), "ITv medical libraries" Tomsk , "Information support of innovative development of Kazakhstan", Almaty, "Information Technology, Computer Systems and Publications for Libraries" Zvenigorod, Moscow region.


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